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Help your body to feel and move better

Our site practice at this time is to ensure health, wellness and safety of our clients and has always been a priority at Core Condition Pilates & Massage Studio.

As a small boutique studio, we are very lucky in the sense that we get much less traffic through the door each day, and we have much higher levels of control over routine cleaning, than that of a conventional gym or group reformer studio.

Our robust standards of cleanliness are maintained at all times. In light of the international concerns around the coronavirus, we’d like to assure you that we are continuing to take every measure to maintain the highest possible standards in cleanliness and hygiene, and have added extra stringent precautions.

Daily operations are business as usual, we are still open – but putting in extra actions to reduce the chances of any issues.  Additional  cleaning to high touch areas such as door handles and benchtops will be done twice daily.  Replacing hand towel with paper towel  for use in the toilet.  Weather permitting, the door will be open to allow more fresh air and sunshine and less air-conditioning.

What can you do: Please don’t come if you are ill or have been in contact with ill people.  It goes without saying if you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus, it is unsafe to attend not only the studio, but other public places also.  If you are feeling unwell with flu-like symptoms including a sore throat, runny nose or fever or have travelled to hotspots in the last 14 days, please keep yourself and others safe and healthy by refraining from attending your session until cleared by a medical specialist.   

We can reschedule your session with enough notice.

Please make use  of the hand sanitiser at the door on arrival and when leaving the studio.

Utilise the disinfectant in spray bottles to thoroughly clean ALL equipment immediately after use, including hand straps, footbar, boxes, mats, chi balls, magic circles, therabands, pillows and anything else you may have come into contact with.

Please remember your socks and drink bottle.

I have sourced disposable gloves should anyone wish to use them


For now, physical corrections and modifications will only be used when required for safety purposes and hand sterilisation by the instructor will take place immediately afterwards.  Generally verbal and visual cues will be utilised to help minimise any health risks. You will still get the same workout and positive experiences that you get already, only safer for all under the current circumstances.

By respecting the boundaries and each other, we can still enjoy our sessions and maintain a healthy level of activity.  It is important for good immunity to continue to move, please remember to eat well, get plenty of rest and ensure you are vigilant in personal and public hygiene practices.

For more information on the current status of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) please refer to advice from Queensland Health.