Buff Bones

What Is Buff Bones


Joint Health for Osteoporosis & Arthritis

The Buff Bones® workout uses varied and specific bone-strengthening and balance techniques for a safe option for people with osteoporosis and arthritis. Combining Pilates, strength training, functional movement and therapeutic exercises, Buff Bones uses techniques to align the joints, enhance posture and balance.

Anyone who can get themselves up / down from the floor unaided, and who isn’t trying to ‘rehab’ an acute injury would fit into this class. We recommend people experiencing severe spinal issues to utilise the opportunities available in the studio, duet or private class environments

This style of class is suited for anyone who –
1. Has bone density loss or is looking to take precautions to avoid joint issues or such things
2. Aware of their existing condition(s) and is able to get up and down off the floor unaided
3. Enjoys being lead by an instructor and is willing to be in a group of 6-8 participants

What To Look For In A Studio & Instructor

Because Pilates is becoming so popular, there are many courses on offer. What you should be looking for in your instructor is a minimum of

An Advanced Diploma:- has the capacity to work along Allied Healthcare Providers & provide for Special Conditions.  They have far greater knowledge about how to further Rehab injuries & provide appropriate exercise choices for those needing specialised knowledge. They also have Advanced Repertoire knowledge in both Studio & Mat.

A Diploma:- trained instructor has greater depth in exercise movement & is trained to make use of the equipment, such as Reformers, Cadillac’s (or Trap Table), Wunder Chair & Barrels.  They can teach from a Basic to Intermediate level in both the Studio Environment as well as Mat.

Certificate 4:- this will allow the instructor to teach mat sessions only.  You will also want an instructor that doesn’t just teach the repertoire. You want someone who has the ability to teach more than just the exercises, they should include principles in each & every session.

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