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Help your body to feel and move better

I started pilates with Timi during my pregnancy and I'm now attending her Mums & Bubs sessions. I had tried pilates before in group-fitness type sessions and didn't enjoy them. I was reluctant to try it again, but I had heard many great reviews from Timi's clients. I was quite apprehensive going for my first one-to-one consultation, but I left pleasantly surprised and feeling great. Throughout the pregnancy, Timi was continously updating my program to suit my changing body. During my first postnatal visit, Timi picked up on things that I hadn't even realised myself. She has an ability to read your body and make adjustments to ensure you're getting the exact workout you need.


I have been doing Pilates with Timi for 9 years now & have loved every minute of it. Having lower back problems & after two C- sections have had to really strengthen my core & back, Timi has a wealth of knowledge & is constantly accessing my body and adjusting my program to suit what my body needs. She is committed to her clients & very passionate about what she does, her instruction & friendship has been invaluable.


I’m so sad I missed my last session with you before you left. I just wanted you to know that I’m so grateful that you took me on as one of your last clients before you left. I feel I have learnt more from you in our few sessions, than I have ever learnt from years of Pilates elsewhere. My back is feeling much better and I have a new awareness of my core now. I’m deeply regretful that I didn’t come to you sooner. Anyway, I wish you all the best for your family and the move and I’m sure you will flourish in the sunshine there and be a welcome addition to any community. Gratitude, love and light.