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Help your body to feel and move better

Timi Delahunty

Timi grew up in Sunny Mildura on a vineyard and had what was a fantastic country upbringing. She had sport or training almost on every night, so was active right from the start. She learnt from helping out on her parents’ property that hard work, commitment and honesty are valuable characteristics to have and she carries these traits into her business.
She learnt to waterski pretty early on. Up and on the water by the age of 3, the family past time quickly turned into her passion and ended up representing Australia in Water Ski racing at the age of 16.

Years of training hard and not smart had a dramatic effect on her body and how it functioned. As happens so often, life rolls by and in 1999 she completed her teaching Degree at University of Ballarat to become a PE teacher.

Although at University studying Secondary PE teaching, she had great resources for anatomy & physiology, however she never really learnt how to move. It was not until her mum took her to a Pilates class, that her life changed. It was basic and in the loungeroom of the instructors’ home. Her initial (uneducated) notion of what Pilates was not something that appealed to her. Always accustomed to working at high intensity levels and pushing until breaking point, she went more to keep her mother happy than anything else.

What she didn’t realise that the one little session in someone’s lounge room was about to change the direction of her future.

After that one session – without any initial consultation or assessment. Without any guidance or teachings about the principles of Pilates, and without any programming pitched for what was going on in her body she came out of the session feeling a sense of movement and freedom in her body that she had never experienced before. Being inquisitive, stubborn and driven she took herself off to complete a basic level of training. After all she thought, if one session can make her feel this good – imagine what It could do if she knew what to do and could do it everyday!

She ended up teaching a few sessions for the lady in her lounge, but by that time she had married and was pregnant with her first child. Building their new home, Timi and her husband decided that it would be something that she could invest in and work from home while kids were little.

Thirteen years on, she has had another child, completed a Diploma in Pilates through Pilates International Training Centre and is nearly finished her Advanced Diploma. Timi is an affiliate of Aligned for Life Melbourne, as well as being respected and regarded by a wide variety of Allied Health Care Professionals. In addition to this, Timi is also a qualified masseuse, which has been a welcome addition to her clients, proving another area of expertise to keep them in shape and move freely.

Timi’s passion, high skills base, genuine interest in helping people and love of continual learning have been why she’s in demand. She loves what she does, and it shows in her dedication to clients from all backgrounds and ability levels. There is never any judgement in her studio and everyone is always welcome. Timi never knew how much this amazing method of movement would impact the direction and quality of her life. She now spends her time trying to give others that very same experience.

For lifestyle reasons, Timi and her family have now moved to the Fraser Coast and have taken the exiting step of opening a new studio in Hervey Bay. She is always positive about the future and is excited about what lays ahead.