About Pilates

Getting Started In Pilates

What To Expect As A Beginner

Either via a phone, or email communication, we will find out a little more about you to ensure that we place you into the most suitable session for your goals and needs. We will provide you with a health survey to further help us understand you, and your requirements. When guided through an instructor lead assessment, for entry into studio sessions your instructor will get know you, your body and what it needs – this is where your personalised program is developed. Entry into Mat classes requires a health screen to ensure it’s the right class for you. Introductory Mat classes run each term and you will be lead through foundation exercises and Pilates concepts with your instructor in a small group environment. You can rest assured that you will be fully supported on learning about not only exercises that are beneficial, but you will be assisted to reach your personal goals. We also take the time to teach everyone how to safely use equipment, ensuring people are informed and understand about making the most out of the equipment.

What Is An Initial Consultation?

Prior to all studio sessions, you are required to participate in Initial Consultation sessions. This instructor lead assessment will ultimately provide you with your own unique program, as well as provide the ideal environment to teaching fundamental exercises for each person. Initial Consultations provide a fantastic opportunity to be educated about your body and movement, your tailored program as well as ensure the safety aspects of using the equipment is understood.

All group based Studio sessions and Mat and Reformer classes generally run in blocks, aligned to Queensland school terms.

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