Ideal for those who appreciate a more private setting, either 1:1 in a private or 2:1 in duet, these sessions allow for more time with your instructor and an intimate Pilates experience. Sessions are personalised and carefully considered around your needs.


With a maximum of 4 participants, studio sessions incorporate the larger pieces of equipment such as reformers, Cadilac table, Wonder chair & barrels. A studio session provides the greatest capacity to make use of all the Pilates tools!!
Studio is the ideal format to help you achieve your personal goals. Whether you’re an athlete looking to cross train and improve performance, recovering from injury, or you’re having a baby, everyone is provided and guided through their personalised program, designed specifically for them. Programs are continually updated to accommodate the changing body.


Reformer classes are instructor lead, and completed on the reformer bed. Small and intimate, these classes are based on group needs and programming, and have a maximum of 3 participants.

Entry to Reformer classes is available on completion of a block of Foundations classes, as we value the importance of knowing the method before placing bodies straight onto the machines.

We offer reforming classes for experienced clients, who have experienced a minimum of one term within our studio.

Come visit our studio and see where you could begin your journey in the Pilates industry