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Help your body to feel and move better


Knowing how to move.

A conscious awareness of how to activate, create and control movement. Correctly executed to the point of subconscious reaction. Concentrating on the fundamentals helps to re-educate both brain and body.  This helps to undo years of stress and damage caused by repeatedly moving incorrectly, or not moving at all! We need to exercise our mind as well as our bodies.
Physical fitness stimulates the body, which, when connecting mind to body for movement, stimulates the mind.


“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”… Joseph Pilates

Pilates gives us back the movement and vigour that we enjoyed in our youth, before an injury, after childbirth or to add as a cross training component for elite athletes.  It provides us an opportunity to fully participate in what-ever lifestyle you choose at any age.  Pilates creates longer, leaner stronger more flexible muscles as well as giving strength, stability and range to joints.
We are by design made for movement, but unfortunately our modern lifestyle can mean that muscles and joints change and accommodate to long hours of sitting at desks or in cars.  Pilates can correct muscular imbalances through utilising a wide variety of specialised equipment and by focusing on specific movements as prescribed by a qualified instructor.


Change happens through movement and movement heals. ‘Joseph Pilates’

Joseph believed emotional health was directly linked with physical fitness.  With all the external images we are exposed to in the modern era, we believe it’s important to be happy in the skin you’re in.  Joseph Pilates wanted for people to know that Pilates wasn’t just about great posture and a rock hard core.  He was extremely passionate about how the body and it’s systems all work together.  He believed it could radically enhance mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing’.
We want you to be able to lead the lifestyle you choose with well functioning mind and body.

Pilates can help to improve

Joint Mobilisation
Mind/Body Connection
Flexibility and Strength
Stability and Mobility
Overall health and Wellbeing
Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
Improve Athletic Performance
Pelvic Floor Education

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