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Help your body to feel and move better

Benefits of Massage

It is a well known fact that massage can have amazing effects on the human body. When the soft tissue in the body becomes tight, rigid, stressed, it will affect the efficiency with which the body functions. Tight soft tissue results in painful movements, limited range of movement in joints, poor circulation and nervous system responses. Massage can help to decrease the amount of tension in both the mind and body by enhancing the normalisation of soft tissue.

Positive responses of massage – whether its relaxation, remedial or sports massage can mean that

Muscle tension is reduced – improving both a physical and mental states

Increased capacity in soft tissue flexibility and Joint mobility

Improved circulation enhances lymphatic responses by being more efficient at removing waste and delivering and absorbing nutrients in the body.

Myofascial Cupping

Mysofascial cupping has some amazing benefits.  Suction cups draw the skin and underlying soft tissue into the cups to create a vacuum.  In doing so this vacuum creates layers within the soft tissue.  This process allows for greater blood flow both through and around effected areas.  In theory it positively jumpstarts the body’s inflammatory response and is a huge help in the body beginning to self heal.

The tremendous benefit of this is that it allows the therapist to work more deeply into the structure without needing to exert a huge amount of penetrating pressure to the client.

A variety of cupping techniques are used on and around problem areas, depending on what the clients individual needs are.

Myofascial cupping has amazing benefits and can be used in combination with many other forms of manual therapy treatment.

We can help with

Most issues that would require someone to seek the help of a massage therapist.

  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Hip pain
  • Neck pain
  • Fabulous with plantar fascia or foot problems
  • ITB tension and pain
  • General aches, pains and everyday issues.