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Help your body to feel and move better

What is Pilates?

Joseph Pilates was ahead of the times when he created a movement methodology that we know as Pilates. Originally named ‘Contrology’, Joe states that, “Contrology is a complete co-ordination of body, mind and spirit… you first purposefully acquire complete control of your own body and then through proper repetition of its exercises acquire a natural rhythm and co-ordination…” We understand it now days to be a low impact, specialised movement system used to improve physical strength, flexibility & posture. While a lot of people associate Pilates as only ‘core strengthening’, when taught correctly, it goes far beyond this notion and does as Joe intended. To make a difference in the health and wellbeing of people’s lives through movement.

Specialised Knowledge
& Expertise

Instilled in all his teachings the value & necessity of:

Breathing which can challenge, assist, release & energise the body

Centring is an intrinsic connectedness. All work is to come from control over core stabilisers.  Knowing how to work from the inside out.

Control movements are executed with focus, flow, precision & energy

Concentration as to what & how to create movement.  Being able to refine, intensify & make more efficient.  To reduce what is inessential.

Flowing Movement is to create continuous control

Precision is to be exact, particular & correct.  To have the intention & ability to create efficient.

Additional contemporary principles

Alignment Balancing the mind and body though movement

Commitment Consistency and dedication to making the change and progression

With a well-qualified instructor, your Pilates experience will integrate these in each & every session.

What to look for in a
Studio & Instructor

Because Pilates is becoming so popular, there are many courses on offer. What you should be looking for in your instructor is a minimum of

Certificate 4 – this will allow the instructor to teach mat sessions only.  You will also want an instructor that doesn’t just teach the repertoire. You want someone who has the ability to teach more than just the exercises, they should include principles in each & every session.

A Diploma trained instructor has greater depth in exercise movement & is trained to make use of the equipment, such as Reformers, Cadillac’s (or Trap Table), Wunder Chair & Barrels.  They can teach from a Basic to Intermediate level in both the Studio Environment as well as Mat.

An Advanced Diploma has the capacity to work along Allied Healthcare Providers & provide for Special Conditions.  They have far greater knowledge about how to further Rehab injuries & provide appropriate exercise choices for those needing specialised knowledge. They also have Advanced Repertoire knowledge in both Studio & Mat.