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Help your body to feel and move better

Core Condition Pilates Massage

Core Condition Pilates and Massage Studio provides a fully equipped Pilates & Massage studio now based in Hervey Bay. Offering Private, Duet and Studio based Pilates sessions, as well as massage and myofascial cupping.

Timi has over 13 years of Pilates teaching experience and the studio provides the opportunity for people of all backgrounds to participate. The welcoming environment delivers positive movement experiences, with the aim to inspire and positively change the quality of life for all clients.

Each client is provided a detailed Pilates program.  Individualised programs encompass the teachings and philosophy of the Pilates method while ensuring contemporary exercises suit the individual and their specific requirements.

The studio also offers services for those with a variety of conditions or specific needs: including; Spinal conditions, joint injuries as well as hip & knee replacement, bursitis, osteoporosis, pre and post-natal, cross training for elite athletes as well as falls prevention. Allowing the client the opportunity to regain the quality of life once had.

Massage and myofascial cupping provide clients an alternative therapy for the mind and body. With massage options including deep tissue and relaxation or alternatively myofascial massage which helps over stressed and tight tissue to heal and repair.

Core Condition Pilates and Massage Studio will provide the opportunity for people of all back grounds – sporty to sedentary to inspire and positively change their quality of life.

“Not only is health a normal condition, but it is our duty to not only to attain it but to maintain it.”

Studio information

Clients participate in a series of Initial Consultations prior to heading into a group studio session. In accordance with Industry body (PAA), there are no more than 4 people in any of these sessions.

Clients are provided and guided through their personalised program that is designed for their body. Programs are continually updated to accommodate the changing body.

Sessions incorporate larger pieces of equipment in the studio including:  Reformer, Cadi / Trap Table, Wonder-Chair, High barrel, smaller barrels and Spine Corrector.  Smaller pieces such as Thera-bands, Magic Circles and Foam Rollers are also utilised to compliment client programs.

Equipment and exercise selection will either assist or challenge the client by educating and guiding the body through various ranges of movement with different load direction and resistance.


These are great for couples, friends wanting to share their exercise time, or for those just wanting a little more privacy to their session. Duet sessions are still pitched to the individual and their body, but its more personalised as these semi- private sessions are shared between 2 clients and 1 instructor.  If you don’t have someone to share your session with, just inform us as we regularly find others in the same situation and can co-ordinate sessions to best suit both parties.


Perfect for those who just want to be on their own.

For various reasons people prefer their one hour of Pilates on their own. It may be that they need to organise sessions around their busy schedules, athlete’s looking to improve better training efficiency, or further develop their rehab journey. There is no requirement around who participates in these sessions apart from participating in Initial Consultations for assessment. Regular private sessions ensures the client has the studio and instructor all to themselves.


Sessions are group focused and will generally have a greater number of participants. At times they utilize a variety of small apparatus such as thera-bands, magic circles and foam rollers. It is based on mat repertoire which follows a sequence of exercises at a tempo that best suits the group participating. It is a continuous class that moves the body thorough all planes of movement, integrating own body weight activities.

What needs to be conveyed clearly is that this class is not for everyone.  We encourage that those with injuries and conditions in their body participate in a studio session where their individual needs can be catered for.